woensdag 22 maart 2017

Let's talk about: Orange ~オレンジ~

So Let's talk about Orange.
While I was working, I wanted to read something (I watch teens as they do their homework). I adore Manga and I like how fast I can read them, so I looked around for a new manga.
I remembered Yamaki Risa (Country Girls) talking about Orange a lot. So I picked it up and I started reading and gosh did this story hit me. 
I still don't really know what I am going to talk about in this post. It will be a bit of a review about both (Movie and Manga), but also a just a bit of gushing about the whole story and the feeling it gave me. Let's start with a small overview of the story (no spoilers).
A girl, Naho, recieves a letter from herself on the first day of school. The letter has been written by herself but it's the her from 10 years in the future. The letter talks about a lot of regrets older Naho has and how she wishes the younger her could erase them. But is her biggest regret something that can be changed?
Okay, so let's start. I adored the manga. I loved the story, I loved the characters and I loved the message the manga was trying to give. The art style might not be totally my thing, but it's not bad in any way. The emotions in the manga are amazing. 
The Live action movie was suprisingly extremly good. I couldn't stop watching and I cried like a baby. To be honest, when the movie was done I was still crying. 
I will now start talking with spoilers, BUT please if you did not watch the movie or read the manga, Please do that first, it's worth it. 

dinsdag 21 maart 2017

H!P Hidden Gems: Please! Jiyuu no Tobira

It's time for another Hello!Pro Hidden Gems and today we will have on based on Morning Musume's new concert tour The Inspiration! 
11th gen, 12th gen and 13th gen preform a song togheter called Please! Jiyuu no Tobira and I adore this song! Let me tell you more about this gem.

Please! Jiyuu no Tobira
Name: Please! Jiyuu no Tobira
What kind of song?: B-side to Onna ni Sachi Are
Artist(s): Morning Musume
Year: 2007

1. Is this song unknown or is it pretty populair? 
It's pretty unknown. It is from the first single of the Platinum Era and not a lot of current fans seem to know the b-side from that Era.
2. What is a good prefromance of this song?

3. Where there any outfits for this song? If not what are the outfits for the album/a-side?

4. What makes this song good?
The song is really happy and gives a great feeling. It also is easy to sing along with!
5. When was the last time this song was preformed and by who? (if possible video).
Well, it has just been preformed by the current 11th gen, 12th gen and 13th gen during Morning Musume '17's The Inspiration tour!
6. Which part should people look forwards to?
Is it terrible for me to say all solo's by Kamei Eri-chan?
7. If this song was prefromed in the next H!P tour, what members should be preforming and in what kind of outfits? (Picture if possible)
I really want this to be preformed by the current full Morning Musume. I think they would rock this song and I can totally see some of the older members singing solos! I don't really mind any outfit.
8. Ask one other persons opinion about this song:
Not gonna do this. Please do tell me your opinion in the comment section or on twitter <3!
9. Give this song a grade (1/10 with 1 being horrible, to 10 being awsome)
7, maybe an 8. I love the song a lot, but there are many songs that are better!
10. What is the "populair" rating for this song?
4! which means it will get a shared 4th place togheter with Goal by Buono!

maandag 13 maart 2017

CC Lyrics: Morning Musume '17- What is LOVE? without Sato Masaki

Lyrics for What is LOVE? By Morning Musume '17
without Michishige Sayumi, Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon and Sato Masaki.
Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina, Iikubo Haruna, Ishida Ayumi, Kudo Haruka, Oda SakuraOgata Haruna, Nonaka Miki, Makino Maria, Haga Akane, Kaga Kaede & Yokoyama Reina.
Preformed on TV

[Ku/Od/Ma] Zeitaku ni KIRI ga nai koto wa
[Ku/Od/Ma] Shouchi no ue dakedo
 [Fu/Is] Zengo sayuu mie hatte
 [Fu/Is] Shimau no ga tsune 

[Ii/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Yo] Shouri no megami wa donata ni 
Hohoemu deshou ka 
[Fu/Ik/Ku/No/Ha/Ka] Shouri no megami wa dare ni mo 
Byoudou deshou ka 

Okotteru tte [Ii/Od] hara heru tte 
[Ii/Od/Og] Naiteru tte [Ii/Od/Og/Ha] waraeru tte 
Atsuku natte  [Fu/Is] kyouzamete 
 [Fu/Is] Ikiru no tte  [Fu/Is/Ku] isogashii 

[Ik/?] What do you want? 
Is it necessary? 

Tatta hitori wo nattoku saserarenaide 
[Fu/Ik/Ku/No/Ha/Yo] Sekaijuu 
 kudokeru no 
Tatta hitori wo fuan ni saseta mama de 
[Ii/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka] Sekaijuu [Is/Od] shiawase ni dekiru no 

[Ii/Od/No] Tanoshisou na matsuri ga areba 
[Ii/Od/No] Itte mitai keredo
[Fu/Ik/Ku] Hito ga asonderu uchi ni 
[Fu/Ik/Ku] Hataraku yuuki 

[Ii/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Yo]  Shouri no megami wa donata ni 
Hohoemu deshou ka 
[Fu/Ik/Ku/No/Ha/Ka]Shouri no megami wa dare ni mo 
Byoudou deshou ka 

KISS wo shite [Od/Ma] JERASHItte 
[Ii/Od/Ma] Yosomi shite [Ii/Od/Ma/Ha] TORABUtte 
Aishiatte  [Fu/Is] utagatte 
 [Fu/Is]Ikiru no tte  [Fu/Ik/Is]yayakoshii 

[Ii/Od] What do you want? 
Is it necessary? 

Tatta hitori no chotto shita seigikan de 
[Ii/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka] Sekai ga [Is/Od]  kagayaku yo 
Tatta hitori no POJITIBU na OORA kara 
[Ii/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka] Sekai ga POJITIBU rensa suru 

What do you want? Is it necessary? 

Tatta hitori wo nattoku saserarenaide 
Sekaijuu kudokeru no 

Tatta hitori wo fuan ni saseta mama de
 [Fu/Is/Od/Yo] Sekaijuu 
 shiawase ni dekiru no

woensdag 8 februari 2017

A C-ute Goodbye: Meguru Koi no Kisetsu

Single Name: Meguru Koi no Kisetsu
Single Number: 2nd major single, 6th single overall
Release date: July 11, 2007
Editions: 4 editions (Regular, Limited, Single V, Event V)
Members: Umeda ErikaYajima MaimiArihara KanaNakajima Saki, Suzuki AiriOkai ChisatoHagiwara Mai
B-sides: Bishoujo Shinri
Sold: 26,785

1. What member centers this song?
Yajima Maimi and Suzuki Airi
2. What is the best part of the MV?
I love the part where they are singing their duet/trio lines and the background changes. It's super cute.
3. What is the best line in the lyrics of this song?
"Mada shiranai asa ga kuru yo" which means something about there is a morning coming, we still don't know about and I LOVE IT. It's so true.
4. What were the outfits for this single and who had the best one?
These are the official outfits, yet I like the outfits they dance in during the MV better. I love the simple t-shirts with their group name on there. Cutest goes to Chisa, as she is adorable <3.
5. What is the best preformance of this song?
6. Which cover was the best for this single?
I love these green covers. I am such a sucker for white outfits and outside backgrounds. Although these are probably greenscreened.
7. Describe the b-side in one sentence.
A super cool, bit dramatic, Airi-centered b-side, with solo lines for everbody!

maandag 6 februari 2017

Sato Masaki: Genius in Teal

I have been dreading this post for a while. I don't really want to write about this. Last time I did a post like this, nothing good came of it. But oh well, I guess Maa-chan does deserve my attention. 

Remember when I did a prediction on Inaba Manaka's case? I really really hoped I was wrong and that she would be back in no time. Yet she never appeared again after she went on haitus. Today I want to shine some light on Masaki's case and I really really hope she WILL be back anytime soon. 

First and formost: what has been going on with our 10th gen member?
Masaki has been having pain in her lower back for quite a few months now. She however did preform as usual, although fans noticed she was sloppy with her dance moves and sometimes she improvised moved (which isn't that unusual for Maa). Yet around the end of the year it was announced that Masaki would be missing some events and concert due to her back pain, which already had been diagnosed as lumbar herniated disc. This was the first time management/staff actually stated something was wrong with Masaki's back. Masaki missed all concerts until the 6th of january, when a new announcement was made. This announcement stated that Masaki had an appointement with the doctor, who told her to take rest. This time management actually stated that Masaki had been diagnosed with lumbar herniated discs back in June of 2015! But due to her busy schedule, she didn't have time to do exercises. Now Masaki will be absent until March and around the end of Febuary a new statement is expected. Masaki will also be out for the upcoming Morning Musume single, yet she is in their new song Morning Misoshiro, which is a tie in song for their Miso soup deal. 

This is the first time a Morning Musume member is a member, yet is not featured on a single. Most of the times, when members are injured, they are still in the audio recordings and often have close-up shots during the MV. Yet Masaki won't be in any of them. Ofcourse we all understand that she isn't able to preform or dance, yet it's weird that she is also out from the recordings. 
The good news, however, is that she didn't completely vanish, like Arihara Kanna and Inaba Manaka. Masaki is still active on her blog and seems to actually be in contact with the other members of Hello!Project and she still sees them. This is quite a big things, as most vanashing members were inactive on all fronts. 

Masaki already stated that she is not planning on graduating this way. She doesn't want to betray her fans like that and asks everboy to wait for her. She herself must know how scary it is for her fans to have her on haitus. 

We must hope that she is getting the treatment she needs and the rest. She should only care about herself in this time and make sure she doesn't do anything that might have consequences for the rest of her life. Yes we want her back in Morning Musume, but she really must take her own health in consideration, before coming back. I think we need to see the whole "not part of the next single thing" as a sign that management is actually fully letting her take a rest and are making sure she is doing the right thing for her health. Let's wait until the next announcement and maybe we will have this talk again. Now the next question is: Should I make a post like this on Aikawa Maho?

Get well soon Maa-chan!

zaterdag 4 februari 2017

A C-ute Goodbye: Sakura Chirari

Single Name: Sakura Chirari
Single Number: 1st single, Major Debut, 5th overall
Release date: 21 Febuary , 2007
Editions: 4 editions (regular, limited, single V, event V)
Members: Umeda ErikaYajima MaimiArihara KanaNakajima Saki, Suzuki AiriOkai ChisatoHagiwara Mai
B-sides: JUMP
Sold: 26,595

1. What member centers this song?
Suzuki Airi
2. What is the best part of the MV?
I really love the scence where the room is going around.
3. What is the best line in the lyrics of this song?
Namida nado niawanai, I really like how this is a line in such a happy sounding song.
4. What were the outfits for this single and who had the best one?
They wore these pyama like outfits, which are really cute. They also had dance outfits, but I can't find a good picture of them. I really love Kanna's hairstyle and Mai looks SOOO cute!
5. What is the best preformance of this song?
6. Which cover was the best for this single?
The Event V cover is SO adorable!!
7. Describe the b-side in one sentence
JUMP is that one song that can get any concert going!

vrijdag 27 januari 2017

5 favorite voices of J-pop

Let me do a post about some of my all time favorite voices in the J-pop world. I am just going to pick 5 I really enjoy at this moment, as in listen to them everyday. I know there are so many more amazing vocalists in the J-pop world, so please send them to me on twitter!

Suzuki Airi
Let's get started with this queen. Suzuki Airi for me just has the perfect voice, not to mention the looks. I really love how her voice is smooth, yet still incredibly powerful and full of suprised. She can hit so many notes without even looking like she has to try. Her amazing voice just seems to come naturaly or something. Airi is amazing and I really hope she never stops singing.

Maeda Atsuko
Acchan had such a beautiful voice! I love how it is really dramatic and can touch your heart so easy. There are so many songs I love by Acchan! Migikata is one of my alltime favorites. I really love how her voice can change from dramatic, to happy, to cheeky, to sexy, to cool. I really do understand why she was the ultimate ace in AKB. 

Washio Reina
Shame on me for not discovering FLOWER earlier, because Washio Reina's voice saves my ears. I was so suprised to find someone with a voice like this. It's so strong and so different from most J-pop voices. The amount of emotion, the raw perfection, the amount of notes she reaches. Washio is really amazing. She currently is the only vocalist in FLOWER and I wish I had more money to throw at them, because my ears want more of her voice.

Oda Sakura
You were waiting for it right? Here she is: Oda Sakura, Suppin Utahime. Without a doubt I will say she is currently one of the best vocalists of Hello!Project. Even Tsunku says so. Oda-chan for me has such an enjoyable voice, with many facets to enjoy. I can't even choose is her voice is better in singles, live or in musicals. She is talented and I think she can still get only better.

Kashiwagi Yuki
Last is beautiful Kashiwagi Yuka from AKB48. I adore adore adore her voice. It's so soft and clear. I still don't understand why they let her go during Momusu's 8th gen auditions. Her voice is so beautiful. I am happy though that she is getting so much attention in AKB with her solo singles, solo concerts etc. etc. 

These were just 5 beautiful voices in the J-pop world. Do you have any others for me to check out?