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H!P ideas: Graduation Albums

I love Hello!Project. I adore all the girls and the song make me incredibly happy.
Having been a fan for many years, I ofcourse have some wished I would love to see become reality. In these pieces (H!P Ideas) I wanna talk about some of the ideas I have and how I would like them to take place! Have any ideas of yourself? Please tweet them to me!

Graduation albums
Maybe this idea is like one of the most mainstream ideas if you ask fans. Don't we all want to hear our favorite member sing more lines? But when our favorite graduates, that voice might end up being never heared again.. Which brings me to my idea: Graduation albums. 

This idea actually goes back to the Hello!Cover periode, where a few Hello!Pro members got to release covers of Hello!Pro songs through Itunes and some even got singles and albums. It was amazing to hear some girls sing solo covers of historic Hello!Pro songs. Yet after Niigaki Risa's graduation this stopped. 

My idea would be to bring this back. When a girl graduates or is going to graduated, management should give them the oppertunity to sing some songs solo and give the fans the best gift ever. I would absolutely die if the graduating girls would get something like this. 

With Tsugunaga Momoko's graduation coming up, there is an album coming out which will be just like this. Momochi covering songs that she loves, so the fans can always go back and hear her sing. 

Now, I do understand that this whole idea isn't something that can be done for every girl. Hello!Covers are cheap, as they only need to record the songs with the girls in question, but there just are some girls that aren't that populair and management (ofcourse) doesn't want to put that much effert and money in them. Believe me, I still get mad when I think about this, but we all know some graduations are bigger and have more effort in them then others. My idea could always be altert in any way management could want. For front girls like Sayashi Riho, they could do a big album, while for background girls like Suzuki Kanon they could do a mini album with just 5 songs. It's unfair, BUT we would at least get something to remember them by. 

Ofcourse I have been thinking about this idea for quite a long time, so I also have some ideas for albums like this. I wanted to give some examples for these albums with Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon and Kudo Haruka (whose graduation is coming up). These albums will be my dream albums. All three albums will have a cover cd and a best of cd, which is just recordings of songs that really show of the girl in case.

Sayashi Riho
1. Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi
2. Jishin Motte Yume Motte Tobidatsu kara
3. Kimagure Zetsubou Arigatou
4.Kimagure Princess
5. Kioku no Meiro
6. Moonlight night ~Tsuki yo no ban dayo~
8. Eien no Mayuki no Owari

Best of
1. Endless Sky
2. Maji desu ka SKA
3. Only you
4. One.Two.Three
5. Daisuki Dakara Zettai ni Yurusanai
6. Sukatto my Heart
7. Cabbage Hakusho
8. Aru Niwashi no Monogatari 
9. Silver no Udedokei

Suzuki Kanon
1. Doki Doki Love Mail
2. Never Forget
3. Egao ni Namida ~Thank You! Dear My Friends~
4. Love Namida Iro
5. My Days for You
6. Watarasebashi

Best of
1. Utakata Saturday Night!
2. Oh My Wish!
3. Otome no Timing
4. Maji Desu ka SKA!
5. Nani wa Tomo Are!

Kudo Haruka
1. Kyoudou Gensou Utopia
2. Moshimo...
3. My Alright Sky
4. Tsuugaku Vector
5. Seishun song
6. Namida Girl
7. Futsuu no Shoujo A
8.Jishin Motte Yume Motte Tobidatsu kara

Best of
1. *graduation song*
2. Pyoko Pyoko Ultra
3. Sexy Cat no Enzetsu
4. Oh My Wish!
5. Dream last train
6. Suki Dakara....
7. Te wo Hanasanai

Please let me know your thoughts on this idea and what your picks would be for covers songs!

vrijdag 5 mei 2017

H!P Review: Michishige Sayumi "Sayuminglandoll~Saisei~" Original Album

Let's all take a trip into Sayumi's personal dream world and have a look at the Original Album to her play! I couldn't be happier to finally have Sayumi back and her first album is a dream coming true. Here are my thoughts and feelings about all the tracks!

1. Europa ~Mukashi Mukashi [Reading] 
I love the music under this reading. Sayumi's voice is really soothing when she reads the beginning of the story. A beautiful piece which makes me think of how happy I am Sayumi is back. It's beautiful.

2. Danchou Ganashi no Doll Bako [inst]
A music piece which really confuses me. It actually kind of gives me a headache, but that might just be the point as I hear Michishige's play is also really weird and confusing, but beautiful at the same time.

3. Saisei ~Watashi wa Koko ni Iru wa~
The main song. I am a big fan of the intro. This song is really strong and so incredibly Sayumi. I really like the effects on her voice, as it fits the theme and her voice so well. I like how cool this song sounds and how it really is a comeback song. 

4. Chotto Aenai Kurai de
I don't know why, but this song makes me think of a disney song, something from Alice in Wonderland. I think this really is a perfect song for a play and it's so much fun to listen to! Although the Merry-Go-Around part is a bit scary. 

5. Doll Minarai no Nichijou [Inst]
This piece sounds like a mix between the last song, a fairground and a computer game. It's quite a fun piece, but for some reason some parts are really haunting. 

6. mini Toto  Nigeru [Inst] 
Such a scary voice to start with. Again a really computer game like sound, It's even in 8-bit or something alike. And that scary/crazy voice... 

7. Lalala no Pipipi
Do I have to say something about this masterpiece? This is one of the best songs ever and it is soooo Sayumi. I love that she preformed this during her show!

8. Kawaii Edit Party
Omg, this sounds again like a computer game and a bit of a Christmas party? I am not a big fan of this song, eventhough I love all the COPY PASTE things she is saying, it's just a quite boring song. 

9. Sekai wa Shabondama Mitai da [inst]
This is a cute piece. You can hear something that sounds like bubbels and that background music. It's a really pretty piece, I LOVE IT. Just past 1 minute, this music piece just touches my heart.

10. Komori Uta no You ni Jikan ga Nagareru [Inst]
This is also a very nice sounding piece. The music is really relaxing and pretty. 

11. true love true real love
Ah this is cute. This song sounds really cute and soft. Shige might have a voice that is not for everyone, but it certainly is for me. I love how raw it is, because it shows emotion so nicely. This also makes me think of a Morning Musume song... Or maybe it was a Berryz Koubou song... 
The ending is really pretty and has such a lovely feeling.

12. Ageru Ageru
All the yes for the opening of this song! Such a Sayumi song! I really like the contrast of this song to many of the other songs on this album. I like the autotune a lot and the energy of this song!

13. Watashi no Kotae
The moment I first heared this song I was sold. I love love love this piece. I adore the music, I love Sayumi's voice and her emotion. It's such a deep and beautiful song. I am so happy they use the background music so much in this play. I can totally imagen people crying during this song, heck I cried the first time. It's BEAUTIFUL. 

14. Shabadabadoo~
Shabadabadoo is perfect in every way. I will never ever not like this song.

15. Aruiteru (updated)
Funny that this song totally became a Sayumi song. I mean I adore the original and Sayumi's version is so her, yet it is also such a Momusu song. Happy to see Sayumi still embracing Momusu!

I am a big fan of Sayumi's comeback, Watashi no Kotae is pure perfection. I adore adore adore that song. I really like Ageru Ageru and Sansei, while Kawaii edit party is not my cup of tea. I am so happy Sayumi is back on stage and is still as enchanting as ever. Welcome back Michishige Sayumi!

donderdag 4 mei 2017

CC Lyrics: Morning Musume '17 - Ai no Tane

Lyrics to Ai no Tane by Morning Musume '17
This was during Sato Masaki's Haitus. 
Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta ErinaIikubo Haruna, Ishida AyumiKudo Haruka, Oda SakuraOgata HarunaNonaka MikiMakino MariaHaga AkaneKaga Kaede & Yokoyama Reina.
Preformed during Hello!Pro winter concert 2017

[Fu/Ii/Ku/No/Ha/Yo] Saa dekakeyou
[Ik/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka] kitto todoku kara
[Fu/Ii/Ku/No/Ha/Yo] Kami wo kitte yume wo migaku
[Ik/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka]Suki na sora wo mezasu tame ni

[Fu/Ii/Ku/No/Ha/Yo] Nee kaze ni nori 
[Ik/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka]motto kagayaite
Ai no tane wo makichirashitai

Itsu no ma ni namida wa kawaita 
Nani ka wo nokoshite

 Nando demo egao ni nareru yo 
Chikyuu ga mawaru kara 

Yokan wo koe hajimaru kara 
Atarashii kisetsu wa sukoshi ijiwaru 
Yubisaki ni omoide wo tsumete MANIKYUA nuru kara 

[Ik/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka]Hora kizuite yo 
[Fu/Ii/Ku/No/Ha/Yo] unto hikaru machi
[Ik/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka]Kutsu wo erabi kakedashitara
[Fu/Ii/Ku/No/Ha/Yo] Fuan wa mou toketeru kara

[Ik/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka]Moshi mayotte mo 
[Fu/Ii/Ku/No/Ha/Yo] sou susumou yo
Jibun no michi saguridasu kara

Kowaresou na hitomi no naka 
Furuwaseteta omoi tsuyosa ni kaeyou 

[Fu/Ii/Ku/No/Ha/Yo] Saa dekakeyou 
[Ik/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka]kitto todoku kara
[Fu/Ii/Ku/No/Ha/Yo]Kami wo kitte yume wo migaku
[Ik/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka]Suki na sora wo mezasu tame ni

[Fu/Ii/Ku/No/Ha/Yo]Nee kaze ni nori 
[Ik/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka]motto kagayaite
[Fu/Ii/Ku/No/Ha/Yo]Ai no tane wo makichirashitai

[Ik/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka] Hora kizuite yo 
[Fu/Ii/Ku/No/Ha/Yo]unto hikaru machi
[Ik/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka]Tobira akete tobikomu toki
[Fu/Ii/Ku/No/Ha/Yo]Fuan wa mou toketeru kara

[Ik/Is/Od/Og/Ma/Ka] Moshi mayotte mo 
[Fu/Ii/Ku/No/Ha/Yo]sou susumou yo
Jibun no michi saguridasu yo

Saa dekakeyou kitto todoku kara
Kami wo kitte yume wo migaku
Suki na sora wo mezashiteru kara 

woensdag 5 april 2017

Hello!Pro Questions: get to know me! (Part 2)

Did you say part 2 of the Hello!Pro Questions?
I am ready if you are!
Last time we stopped by number 40, so now we will go on until number 80!

41. Who is your favorite Tsubaki Factory member?
Niinuma Kisora and Ono Mizuho, closely followed by Ogata Risa.

42. Who is your favorite Hello! Pro Kenshuusei member?
Can I just make a list? Because there are a lot of girls I adore.
To start with Danbara Ruru and Horie Kizuki, followed by the whole 27th gen.

43. Which member would you like to have as your mother?
As in current members? That would be weird, as I am older than most of them. I guess Suzuki Airi of the current members and Kamei Eri or Niigaki Risa of the graduated members. They all seem fun and caring members, so probably great and loving mothers (same goes for Sudo Maasa).

44. Which member would you like to have as your sister?
Yokoyama Reina looks like a sister I would be protecting for dear life, while Kudo Haruka seems like one I would go on outings with all the time. 

45. Which member would you like to have as your best friend?
Iikubo Haruna and I share a lot of interests and are close(r) to eachother in age, so I think we would have a lot to talk about. Kanazawa Tomoko looks like someone I could have a lot of fun with and go crazy all the time. 

46. Which member would you like to have as your daughter?
Kamikokuryou Moe and Morito Chisaki. Both look like the most adorable and tiny daughters.

47. Which member would you like to have as your girlfriend?
Suzuki Airi! For sure! She is cute, funny, beautiful, sexy! The whole package!

48. Which member would you like to have as your boyfriend?
Kudo Haruka! She seems like a great boyfriend ;)

49. Which member would you like to have as your roommate?
Michishige Sayumi or Oda Sakura. Both seem like fun people to be around.

50. Do you have an OTP? Who?
Not an OTP. I do not ship people in Hello!Pro. I do like combinations for Musicals and stuff. Like Kudo Haruka and Oda Sakura. They are a strong combi. 

51. Do you have an NOTP? Who?

52. What is your favorite Satoyama unit?

53. What is your favorite Satoyama song?

It's a tie between Dream Last Train by Triplets and Forefore ~Forest for Rest~ by DIY.

54. What is your favorite MV?
This is hard. There are a lot of amazing MV's done by Hello!Project. I adore all outside Mv's as they always give such a great vibe. I think it's a tie for me between Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi and Mikaeri Bijin. As both are really pretty to watch and have such a nice feel to them.

55. What is the most impressive dance by H!P?
I am always impressed by the dance team during Oh My Wish!

56. Who is the best vocal?
Suzuki Airi, Oda Sakura, Kamei Eri and Kanazawa Tomoko.
57. Who is the best dancer?
Sayashi Riho, Ishida Ayumi, Ikuta Erina and Murota Mizuki
58. Who is the best MC?
Iikubo Haruna 

59. Who is the best actress?
Kudo Haruka 

60. Who is the best leader?
Wada Ayaka & Michishige Sayumi

61. Do you prefer fixed line-up groups, or generation groups?
Both in their own way. The bond between members of a fixes line up is amazing, but I love the Senpai-Kouhai Mix and the freshness it brings to a group.

62. What is your favorite Morning Musume era?
All of them have their own charm. I really like colorful and platinum because I became fan when Platinum started, so I saw them grow, but I actually just like all of them.

63. When did you become a fan?
When Buono! and Guardians 4 started. I got into Hello!Pro through them.

64. Have you seen any H!P group live? Which?
Yes. I have seen Berryz Koubou and C-ute live in Paris. I also saw Hangry and Angry there two years before that and Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika as Dream Morning Musume. 

65. Have you been to a H!P handshake event?
(I am in red with Kumai!)
Yes, I shook hands with All of Berryz Koubou and C-ute!

66. What are your favorite lyrics?
The lyrics to Tsumetai always make me cry.

67. Is there a member you dislike?
I can not dislike girls who work as hard as they do.

68. Is there a member you’d like to graduate?
There is no member of which I would say: PLEASE GO. But I would like for Sato Masaki and Aikawa Maho to choose themselfs above their fans. Graduate if you think that's the best for your health or life!

69. Which members would you promote to Morning Musume’s 14th Generation? When?

Danbara Ruru would still by my first choice, but I think Eguchi Saya and Matsunaga Riai would also both be amazing additions to the group. I would love to get them around 2018, but for Ruru that might be to late.

70. Which member would you promote to ANGERME’s 6th Generation? When?
Let's add Shimakura Rika and Yamazaki Yuhane around the Hello!Pro Summer concert!

71. Which members would you promote to Country Girls’ 3rd Generation? When?
Okamura Minami and Horie Kizuki! A somewhat older girl seems like a good choice for Country Girls and a cute young one for the heck of it! Let Momoko announce them before her graduation and let her train them for a bit!

72. Which members would you promote to Kobushi Factory’s 2nd Generation? When?
Let's throw in Ichinoka Reina-chan and give Kobushi a big shock! As soon as possible.

73. Which members would you promote to Tsubaki Factory’s 3rd Generation? When?
Kanatsu Mizuki and Maeda Kokoro! When the first girl leaves the group.

74. If you could make a new unit, who would be in it?
All girls of the Hokkaido program!

75. Would you like to see a return of H!P Shuffle Units?
Yes! I love these shuffle units. It makes things interesting and shows some over group bonds.

76. If you were to create a new shuffle unit, who would be in it?
Ah such a hard question. I really like them to just putt all girls in different groups again. But maybe Hello!Pro is to big for that right now.

77. What is your favorite performing outfit?
These are SOOOO beautiful!

78. What is your favorite MV outfit?

79. What is your favorite concert unit?
Concert unit? Maybe the units which were based on image colors?

80. Please tell us a happy memory related to Hello! Project?
Hello!Pro's happy songs got me through High school and College. So what's not to love. Not to mention meeting Berryz and C-ute!